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Camargue Square foot garden

All the main gardening-related difficulties are made simple for your convenience so that you can enjoy the “gardening experience"!

With the Weser Square foot garden, gardening becomes a pleasure. This concrete model, which is durable and requires no upkeep work, can be set up in minutes and allows the whole family to show off their gardening skills. You will only need a small corner of your garden to efficiently grow vegetables and herbs, without any unnecessary effort.

A very trendy product:

  • Needs little space: 5 times less than conventional gardening
  • Expansion to larger gardens by fitting more patches
  • Crops are grown in a special mixture of soils
  • Water requirements are significantly cut: about 5 times less than a normal vegetable garden
  • Healthy and rotproof material, unlike wood
  • Other possible uses, such as normal gardening, sandbox, etc
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